Specific Treatment

Suede and Nubuck Reviver

  • A product for treating suede and nubuck to protect it from water and unwanted staining. Will also revive the garment’s colour.
    Provides a very simple and comfortable way to prevent garments from being stained by rainfall, helping the garment to remain clean for longer.
    With a formula designed to give your garments brighter tones, reviving their look.
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How to use
  • Shake well before use.
  • Do not apply the product in a horizontal position. Always use in a vertical or slightly inclined position.
  • Gently press the nozzle to spray the product at a distance of 25 cm from the garment.
  • Leave to dry.
  • When the product has dried, brush the garment with a suitable brush, always in the natural direction of the leather.

Which kinds of garments can I apply this product to?

It can be used on any kind of garment or footwear made from suede or nubuck, such as handbags, boots, coats, jackets, etc.

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