Ant Trap

  • Trap ready for use.
    Contains within its interior a powerful attraction for ants, which encourages them to enter the trap and to take the bait.
    This causes a chain effect, as the ant entering the trap takes the bait to the nest, where the whole colony ingests the insecticide.
    The nest will be eradicated within one or two weeks.
    The traps can be placed both indoors and outside. Take care to ensure they do not become wet.
    Effective for up to 4 weeks.
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How to use
  • Break the tabs of the four entrances to the trap to make it ready for use.
  • Place the traps close to the ant nests or in areas of transit.
  • In the event of a very heavy presence of ants, place several traps along the trails, up to a maximum of 4 per nest.
  • Replace the traps every 4 weeks.
  • Protect the traps from the rain. If it rains on a trap within the first 24 hours of placing it, replace with a fresh trap.

Which places are suitable for placing ant traps?

Place the traps close to the ant nests or in areas of transit, particularly in the kitchen, as ants are naturally drawn to places where there are food remains.

How often do the traps need to be changed?

These traps have a duration of up to 4 weeks. After this time, it is advisable to replace them with new traps.


In the event of intoxication due to ingestion of the product, seek help immediately from a medical centre, and show them the product label. You can also consult the toxicology information medical service (tel.: 91 562 04 20).

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