Our core objective: zero work-related accidents

To achieve this, we apply four core principles:


Systematically identify risks in our facilities.


Draw up an emergency plan and develop plans for processes and procedures based on a possible accident.


Ensure the involvement of all members of the Francisco Aragón team to prevent any kind of workplace accident.


Conduct annual audits to ensure compliance with current legislation.

ISO 45001:2018 certification on Health and Safety in the Workplace

This guarantees continual improvement on matters of health and safety in the workplace, in order to become more effective and efficient by reducing accidents and illnesses. It promotes information, consultations and involvement at all levels.

Annual inspection in accordance with article 21 of Royal Decree 840/2015.

This ensures compliance with industrial standards and regulations, and implementation of measures to control risks inherent to serious accidents in which hazardous substances are involved.

Occupational hazard prevention management.

A key tool in guaranteeing compliance with both legal and internal requirements, assessing the system’s effectiveness, detecting possible shortcomings and adopting specific decisions for ensuring perfecting implementation of health and safety measures.

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