Anti-Mosquito Spirals

  • Highly effective against mosquitos and other insects in EXTERIORS.
    Provides protection for approximately 6 hours.
    Only for use in exteriors such as terraces, gardens, campsites, etc.
    Effective protection of an area approximately 15 square metres.
    The product acts by gradually and constantly diffusing the active ingredient as the spiral burns.
    It can even be used in a breeze or windy conditions, as the spiral will not be blown out, and will continue burning until you decide to extinguish it.
  • Contains a metal stand to hold the spiral.


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How to use
  • Carefully separate the two spirals contained in the pack.
  • Bend the tongue of the metal holder upwards.
    Insert the tongue of the metal holder into the groove on the spiral.
  • Use a lighter or a match to light the spiral at one end. After a few seconds, you’ll see that the flame will be extinguished, leaving the ember burning at the tip, with a subtle amount of smoke.
  • If you wish to extinguish the spiral before it has been used up, use scissors to cut it at the point in front of the burning tip.


In the event of intoxication due to ingestion of the product, seek help immediately from a medical centre, and show them the product label. You can also consult the toxicology information medical service (tel.: 91 562 04 20).

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