Car Air Freshener


Bali is an irresistible floral fragrance, the essence of which will transport you to the Island of the Gods. With refreshing aqueous top notes, this fragrance has a delicate floral heart of rose and lily of the valley, and rich woody base notes shaped by musk.

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How to use
  • Remove the air freshener from the packaging.
  • Unscrew the wooden cap and remove the plastic cap from the glass bottle.
  • Screw the wooden cap back on FIRMLY to ensure it will not unscrew with the motion of the car.
  • Hang the glass bottle from the rear view mirror by tying the ends of the string together. It is advisable to adjust the length of the string to prevent the air freshener from hitting the glass of the windscreen.
  • To intensify the fragrance, it is recommended to turn the air freshener upside down for 3 seconds every 4 days.




No, because without the movement from the car, its capacity to evaporate perfume is drastically reduced, so it would have very little effect as an air freshener.

Can I hang it from somewhere else in the car other than from the rear view mirror?

We don’t recommend this, as it designed to function best when hung in this way.

What’s the right string length to hang the air freshener?

Do not leave the string excessively short, as this would prevent the product from swinging and releasing the fragrance into the car’s interior. Also, do not leave the string too long, as the bottle could knock against the glass of the windscreen.

Can I turn the air freshener upside down more frequently than is recommended?

There’s no problem in doing this. It will create a much stronger fragrance intensity in the car’s interior.

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