Concentrated mini aerosols

Ultra-Concentrated Manual Diffuser Air Freshener + Refill

  • Diffuser for ultra-concentrated mini aerosol air freshener. Ideal air freshener for smaller rooms such as toilets and bathrooms. 
  • Simply press down on the diffuser to activate.
  • Can be fastened to surfaces using the adhesive included.
  • One or two presses are sufficient to create a pleasant fragrance in the room.
  • Eliminates unpleasant odours. 

  • Includes two Ropa Limpia refills.


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How to use
  • Remove the diffuser from the case
  • Insert a ultra-concentrated mini aerosol air freshener refill. To fit the refill, open the diffuser by pulling off the cap, insert the refill so the base rests on the lower support and push down until it is securely in place.
  • Close the diffuser cap.
  • The diffuser can be used by placing it on any surface or fastened to the wall, a tile, etc.
  • To attach the diffuser, use alcohol to clean the surface you wish to fasten it to. Use the adhesive included, sticking one side to the diffuser and the other to the surface.



Which refills are used with this diffuser?

This diffuser can be used with any of the varieties of the Green Forest ultra-concentrated mini aerosol refills.

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