A refreshing combination of three floral fragrances accompanied by citrus, green and spicy notes that capture the smells of six emblematic places in the world: Ipanema beach, New York City, a stroll around Istanbul, tea in Marrakech, an Andalusian courtyard and the gardens of Paris.

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How to use
  • Remove from the packaging.
  • Unscrew the three caps.
  • Insert it into the diffuser, making sure each wick lines up with its opening in the heater. Be careful not to damage the wicks.
  • Plug it into a mains socket. Ensure it remains in an upright position. If necessary, rotate the plug to adapt it to the socket in your home.
  • Use the switch to turn the diffuser on and off. This switch also allows you to choose the fragrance intensity for the device. Our recommendation is to use the maximum power in most cases, and to use the minimum position only in very small rooms (less than 10 square metres) or if you prefer a very subtle strength of fragrance.
  • When the refill has been used up, pull down to remove and dispose of it in the yellow container.

How long does each fragrance sensation last?

The fragrances alternate every 45 minutes, so after this length of time you will enjoy a different fragrance sensation each time.

Can this air freshener be used in a baby’s room?

Yes. This product poses no risk to people’s health, including that of small children and babies.

How are six fragrance sensations achieved with just three perfumes?

The advanced technology of the Green Forest multi-fragrance has the capacity to combine two fragrances at the same time, so as well as the three individual fragrances, you will also experience the combinations of the three.

Which diffuser is this refill for?

This refill is designed to be used exclusively with the Green Forest multi-fragrance diffuser.


Both the device and the fragrances used are very safe. Only people who are allergic to the substances contained in the perfume or who come into direct contact with the fragrance may experience irritation. The packaging lists the allergenic products that the fragrance contains, which any users with allergic symptoms can check before purchasing the product.

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