Electric Insecticides

Liquid Insecticide

  • Highly effective day and night against mosquitos in your home.
    There is no risk to people or pets when using the product.
    It lasts for 45 days, when in use for 8 hours per day at an average temperature of 22ºC and humidity of 40-60%.
    Effective against the common and tiger mosquito.
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How to use
  • Remove from the packaging.
  • To open the security cap, press down on while twisting in a counter-clockwise direction to unscrew it. If the cap slips, more downward pressure is required to remove it.
  • Keeping the refill in the upright position, insert it into the bottom of the diffuser and twist until you feel it fit.
  • Plug into a mains socket. Ensure it remains in an upright position. If necessary, rotate the plug to adapt it to the socket in your home.
  • Use the switch to turn the device on and off. It can be kept in continuous operation 24 hours a day. To deter tiger mosquitos, which are active during the day, it may be necessary to keep the device connected all day.
  • When the refill has been used up, unscrew from the device and dispose of in the yellow container.

How long does a liquid insecticide refill last?

The climate varies greatly between the different parts of Spain, and between the different seasons of the year. Test conditions have therefore been established to reproduce the average performance of the product when in use. In conditions of 22ºC and 40-60% relative humidity, the product will last for 45 days when used for 8 hours a day. Logically, in summer and with the windows open, the product will have a shorter duration.


In the event of intoxication or symptoms of illness following use of the product, seek help immediately from a medical centre, and show them the product label. You can also consult the toxicology information medical service (tel.: 91 562 04 20).


Pyrethroids, the active component of this insecticide, are a completely safe product for both humans and their pets. They can also be safely used in the presence of newly born babies. The only recommendation is that, following their use, if no windows have been open, the room should be ventilated. No more than 20 minutes is sufficient.

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