Automatic Aersols


  • A whirlwind of sweetness. A homey fragrance in which oven roasted sugar is combined on a fruity base.

  • The fragrance incorporates innovative technology designed to immediately block airborne tough odor molecules from bathrooms, kitchens, garbage, drains, and pets.
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How to use
  • Shake the packaging before use.
  • Open the diffuser cap by pressing the top button.
  • Check to ensure that the time selector is in the OFF position. 
  • Remove the aerosol cap.
  • Insert the two AA batteries supplied, ensuring the polarity is as indicated.
  • Place the aerosol into the diffuser, taking great care not to damage the L-shaped dispenser. To make this easier, apply pressure to the dispenser to prevent it from bending.
  • Centre the dispenser correctly.
  • Close the cap and, aiming the device away from your face, select the spray interval time by moving the selector to 10, 20 or 30 minutes.
    This will turn a green light on above the time selector. When the device is in standby mode, the green light blinks every 3 seconds. When the spray is about to be activated, the light blinks every second.
  • Place the device on a surface at least 1 metre from the ground, and higher if possible, and positioned to prevent the device spraying onto nearby surfaces.
  • When the batteries have run down, the green light turns red, indicating that the device requires fresh batteries to operate again.
  • When altering the device in any way, it is advisable to switch the selector to the OFF position.

Can I use this air freshener without its diffuser?

Yes, you can use it by activating it manually. However, this product is designed to be used with the Green Forest automatic diffuser, as in this way you can keep your home continually fragranced and not have to worry about having to use the diffuser manually.

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